What We Offer

Tape-in Extensions

This method is also known as double-sided tape. It is a highly popular method because of the thin clear tape creating a less bulky look than the fusions or micro-loop methods. They can last three to five months with proper care.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

The most common and longest lasting method uses 100% real human hair. It is applied to your natural hair using heat activated keratin bonds creating an undetectable look that is easy to maintain. With proper care, it can last as long as four to six months. 

Micro-Loop Hair Extensions

Micro-loop extensions requires the use of tiny beads matched to the colour of your hair. This service has the advantage of allowing you to reuse your hair extensions and to adjust them when your hair grows. With proper care it can last four to six months. 

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions may be the perfect temporary solution you’re seeking for a special occasion. They are easy to style just like your own hair. They are easy and painless to remove when you’re ready for a change. 

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